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This is a great place to give more details about me, as the Webmaster I could give personal information about my family, my job, my education, and my hobbies and other interests, but I won't do that. I will just say how much I love the game, football is probably the most talked about subject on Earth i.e. apart from how to be a Millionaire and Sex

1966 - Being There

That fateful Day in 1966 I stood with thousands of other fans outside the Kensington Royal Garden Hotel welcoming England's World Cup winners, our heroes arrived with the other participating teams to deafening cheers and thunderous applause, the huge crowd suddenly surged forward and about ten of us at the front found ourselves swept inside the Banqueting Hall.

We were among the World's greatest soccer teams each sitting at their individual tables, any intention to leave soon vanished as we were ushered by attractive waitresses to two vacant tables, we had obviously been mistaken for more footballers, soon we were served with scrumptious food and drink, nobody bothered to ask who we were and nobody much cared as the drinks poured, so we fans joined in and soon became a part of that great occasion.

After a very fine meal I picked up the banquet menu and hurried over to England's table to get it autographed, the teams had been drinking quite a bit to celebrate that glorious day in English football, but Captain Bobby Moore was as cool as a cucumber, his clear blue eyes met my admiring gaze as he calmly took my banquet menu saying "I'll get all the boys to autograph this while you take this Ball round all the tables and get as many signatures on it as you can from all the teams, especially that player over there" he pointed out his favourite star, "see that he signs it first", to date, I have not divulged this name to anyone yet, I doubt if Bobby Moore's own wife even knows it.

I assumed I had been handed England's Winning ball and was soon getting it smothered with autographs of the World's greatest footballers, had I then have walked out the door with that ball, i'd be a very rich man today with a huge driveway, but in those days we didn't even contemplate doing such things. I returned the autographed ball to Bobby Moore, he smiled broadly and, like the Gentleman he was, returned a banquet menu full of England's team autographs, two of the World's great managers: Alf Ramsay and Matt Busby were included, both to be knighted later for their contribution to English soccer.

Cameras flashed away, my photo was taken but none ever appeared in the media as far as I know, if any had been published I could well have become a celebrity, imagine, I might have been offered free entry to all the Clubs, wishful thinking maybe, but it never happened, and, as the years rolled by I almost forgot what I had contributed to in 1966, it was only the arrival of the 2006 World Cup that jolted my memory, it suddenly dawned on me that I may miss out on seeing England win a World Cup twice in my lifetime.

I had realised that seeing my Country win the World Cup in 1966 was a once in a lifetime experience unless you happened to be a Brazilian; Every youngster dreams of being there when their Country wins, when it actually happens it's indescribable, you're actually holding the winning ball in your hands, exchanging conversations with the World's greatest players, and then you're getting them to autograph that ball, Wow!, it's just unbelievable!. I just didn't realise what an achievment it had been for a youngster, I now need to tell the World my story before it is lost forever in the passage of time, I want other youngsters to realise that anyone can become a celebrity even if nobody knows your name.

For a few hours on that remarkable Day in 1966 I was a Celebrity, I helped to shape a moment in football history, yet nobody knew me, nor do they know me now, getting that ball autographed in 1966 made me feel like a star too, It never occured to me that this very same ball might be worth a fortune in time, Wow! Imagine when I heard later on that the autographed ball had changed hands at huge prices several times, I heard that the German's had it and later returned it here

The original red ball is on display at the FIFA Collection at Preston's National Football Museum, yet most of the signatures have faded with time, I vaguely remember that my ball was a white one, so maybe that's what I got from Bobby to get autographed, I wonder where it is now?

I've been waiting since 1966 to see England win another World Cup in my lifetime, so please don't let me down Boys. email me
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